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Cork yoga mat 3mm

75.14 EUR

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This 3-mm-thick cork mat is the ideal surface for yoga practice in any environment.

The natural cork top provides a steady surface even during the most complicated asana poses, and the natural rubber bottom ensures that the mat will not slip. Unlike synthetic materials, natural cork does not absorb moisture and is naturally anti-microbial and non-allergenic.

Cork is harvested without hurting the trees that produce it making it an especially eco-friendly, fully biodegradable material.

 Caring for your mat

Cork has natural anti-microbial and non-slip properties. As an organic material, however, it may wear out over time.

Wiping the mat down with a damp cloth and hanging it out to dry after practice will prolong its life significantly. Cleaning the mat with chemical agents and storing it in extreme temperatures is not recommended.

Despite all of its advantages, cork will inevitably become worn and brittle over time.Depending on how hard and often you practice, the mat will eventually need to be replaced.Keep in mind, however, that the mat is biodegradable so throwing it away will cause no harm to the planet.

Size:163x 81cm


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