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It all began with me not being able to find the right mat for my yoga practice.

Anyone who has tried yoga knows just how important a good mat is.Good grip ensures stability, and you cannot perform asanas comfortably without proper body positioning which is only possible on a grippy mat. 

There is a myriad of different yoga mats on the market today but having tried many of them, I found that none met my expectations.Those that looked nice performed poorly and vice versa.It was then that the idea for Matata, a mat that would combine good design with functionality, was born.

Why a cork mat?

First and foremost, it provides unparalleled levels of grip. Unlike synthetic materials, natural cork does not absorb moisture and is naturally anti-microbial and non-allergenic.The mat's cork surface feels very pleasant to the touch.

Cork is harvested without hurting the trees that produce it making it an especially eco-friendly material.Furthermore, cork is fully biodegradable.

Our mats provide a comfortable exercise surface and their unique and minimalistic design makes every yoga session a pleasure. 


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